Statutory Minimum Wage

Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) (HK$34.5 per hour with effect of 1 May 2017) does not apply to student interns as well as work experience students during a period of exempt student employment.

In such cases, student needs to provide a document called "Confirmation of Student Intern (or Work Experience Student) Status Under the Minimum Wage Ordinance" (can be downloaded below) and be brought to the Applied Physics Department (Cecilia CHAN at CD616 -- IN-PERSON) to seek endorsement.

Confirmation of “student intern” status under the Minimum Wage Ordinance 《最低工資條例》(第608章)「實習學員」身份確認書 (Download)

Confirmation of “work experience student” status under the Minimum Wage Ordinance 《最低工資條例》(第608章)「工作經驗學員」學生身份確認書 (Download)

Detail instructions can be found in the WIE Application Procedure page.

Remark: Student has the right to not accept a placement offer that is below the statutory minimum wage.

Further informaton concerning the statutory minimum wage can be found from the links below. Please read the following for more details

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