Offshore WIE Sponsorship (OWS)
For AY 2017/18 --> To be announced after receiving the application details from CAPS

Please refer to the link for more details.

To encourage more students to take on a meaningful offshore WIE placement, the University is providing higher sponsorship and greater incentives for Offshore WIE Sponsorship (OWS) in Academic Year 2016/17. There are three types of sponsorship offered:

Further detail about OWS (e.g. eligibility, maximum sponsorship amount, etc.) can be found in the Sponsorship for Offshore Placements page of the CAPS website. Be sure to read the information before applying.

^ PolyU CAPS reserves the rights to adjust the OWS arrangements/ calculations/ amounts granted based on budget availability.

Student who has applied for OWS is required to provide a valid travel insurance receipt for the WIE placement h/she is applying prior to commencement of the associated WIE placement.
Failure to do so may result in rejection of the OWS application by CAPS.

Application Procedure (2017/18)

To apply for OWS, there is no separate application form to submit besides the WIE Application Form of where a CheckBox for indicating whether student is interested in applying for Offshore WIE Sponsorshp (OWS).

Application Deadline

Application deadlines for OWS 2017/18:

1st round:
2nd round:
final round:

*** Students should submit 3-weeks' prior to the commencement of the placement. ***

^ Taking into consideration that students may need to pre-pay part of the expenses from placements (i.e. travel insurance/ passage/ accommodation charges), the CAPS will release Advance OWS to eligible applicants prior to departure, it depends on approval status of each application.

Pre-WIE Training

Will be announced via email

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