Checklist for Completing a WIE Placement

The checklist below should be followed in addition to any specific requirement proposed by your AP supervisor.

  1. Before beginning of placement
  2. At beginning of placment:
    • Ask the supervisor at your work place for agreement to be your WIE workplace supervisor.
    • Ensure that the workplace supervisor has (1) understood that he/she will need to fill in the "WIE Report" toward the end of placement, and (2) read the section Responsibilities of WIE Supervisors on the department WIE site.

  3. End of placement
    • Ask the workplace supervisor to provide performance evaluation in Part B of the WIE Report.

  4. Report Submission


*************** ATTENTION **************
All WIE forms are to be submitted only during the WIE Form Submission Period in Academic Year 2016/17.

Semester 1: 17 ~ 31 October 2016
Semester 2: 3 ~ 15 April 2017

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