AP40002 Display Technology

Semester 1, 2015-16, Credit value: 3

The aim of this subject is to provide a fundamental understanding of the physics and operation principles of both inorganic and organic display materials and devices, and to illustrate the application and fabrication of various types of display technology.


AP40003 Solid state lighting

Semester 1, 2015-16, Credit value: 3

Solid-state lighting (SSL) has revolutionized the lighting industry. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)—traditionally used in signs, signals and displays—are rapidly evolving to provide light sources for general illumination. The objective of this course is studied all aspects of the technology and physics of light-emitting diodes for the applications in solid-state lighting.


AP40006 Semiconductor materials and Devices

Semester 2, 2015-16, Credit value: 3

The aim of the subject is to provide the students with an understanding of semiconductor physics, semiconductor materials properties and operation of various types of semiconductor junction diodes and transistors.