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Quality Education Fund Project (2014/0600)

Short Video Clips for Self-Paced Learning of Physics-Related Maths Techniques


  • Developing learning materials for selected fundamental maths concepts pertinent to physics learning

  • Introducing topics with L&T materials, and supplemented with short video clips, students can learn these concepts in a self-paced and progressive manner

  • Providing lesson plans and practical examples for flipped-classroom exercises will also be designed for secondary school teachers


  • To establish students’ skills in basic mathematical tools pertinent to physics learning through video tutorial clips.

  • To enhance students’ competence with the use of mathematical tools and scientific techniques as applied in physics problems.

Teaching and Learning activities

Stage 1: During class

Pre-test will be conducted during the class (two to four questions, in multiple choice question or short question format). The collected data will act as research data to investigate students’ background knowledge on the selected topic.

Stage 2: Watch the video on selected topic(s) at home and complete the take-home worksheet.

Teachers instruct students to watch a video from the provided links / website.
Students is required to complete and return the worksheet to their teacher.
Students has to review the video again if they have difficulties on the selected topic or for the sake of enhancing their understanding. 

Stage 3: Perform a post-test

Teachers have to conduct a post-test with students to check the learning outcome of students after watching the video. The questions in the post-test has simular difficulties as pre-test which could provide a useful data for analytical purpose.

Short Video Topics

Graph Sketching

Logarithmic Function


Unit Conversions


Graph sketching


Logarithmic Function




Unit conversions




ONLY for educational and non-commercial purposes.

This video was financially supported by Quality Education Fund of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (QEF, HKSAR), QEF Project No.: 2014/0600.


L & T materials such as pre-test & post-test are available upon request. 

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