Prof. YAN, Feng

B.Sc., Ph.D., Nanjing University

PostDoc, Cambridge University  

Tel. : (852) 2766 4054
Fax.: (852) 2333
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Positions Available: Research Assistant/Associate, PhD studentship


Research interests:

Selected Publications: (Full Publication list)

1.       Ultrafast, sensitive and portable detection of COVID-19 IgG using flexible organic electrochemical transistors, H. Liu, A. Yang, J. Song, N. X. Wang, P. Lam, Y. Li, H. K.-W. Law, Feng Yan*, Science Advances 7, eabg8387 (2021).

2.       2D materials for conducting holes from grain boundaries in perovskite solar cells, P You, G Tang, J Cao, D Shen, TW Ng, Z Hawash, N Wang, CK Liu, W Lu, Q. Tai, Y. Qi, C.-S. Lee, Feng Yan*. Light: Science & Applications 10 (1), 1-12 (2021).

3.       Recent progress in tin-based perovskite solar cells, J Cao, Feng Yan*, Energy & Environmental Science 14 (3), 1286-1325, (2021).

4.       Ultrafast laser-annealing of perovskite films for efficient perovskite solar cells, Peng You, Guijun Li, Guanqi Tang, Jiupeng Cao, Feng Yan*, Energy Environ. Sci. DOI: 10.1039/C9EE02324K (2020).

5.       Antioxidant grain passivation for air stable tin‐based perovskite solar cells, Q Tai, X Guo, G Tang, P You, TW Ng, D Shen, J Cao, CK Liu, N Wang, Ye Zhu, Chun-Sing Lee, Feng YAN*, Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 58, 806-810 (2019).

6.       Functionalized Organic Thin Film Transistors for Biosensing, Naixiang Wang, Anneng Yang, Ying Fu, Yuanzhe Li, and Feng Yan*, Acc. Chem. Res. 52 (2), 277287 ( 2019).

7.       Recent Progress of Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells, Q Tai, T Kai-Chi, Feng Yan*, Energy Environ. Sci. 12, 2375-2405 (2019).

8.       Solution‐Phase Epitaxial Growth of Perovskite Films on 2D Material Flakes for High‐Performance Solar Cells, G Tang, P You, Q Tai, A Yang, J Cao, F Zheng, Z Zhou, J Zhao, PKL Chan, F. Yan*, Adv. Mater. 31, 1807689 (2019).

9.       Fabric Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Biosensors, A. N. Yang, Y. Z. Li, C. X. Yang, Y. Fu, N. X. Wang, L. Li,* F. Yan*, Adv. Mater. 30, 1800051 (2018).

10.    Emerging Semitransparent Solar Cells: Materials and Device Design, Q. D. Tai and F. Yan*, Adv. Mater. 29, 1700192 (2017).

11.    Conjugated Polymer for Voltage-Controlled Release of Molecules, S. H. Liu, Y. Fu, G. J. Li, L. Li, H. K. W. LAW, X. F. Chen, F. Yan*, Adv. Mater. 29, 1701733 (2017).

12.    Highly Sensitive Detection of Protein Biomarkers with Organic Electrochemical Transistors, Ying Fu, Naixiang Wang, Anneng Yang, Helen Ka-wai LAW, Li Li, Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 29, 1703787 (2017).

13.    Black phosphorus quantum dots for boosting light harvesting in organic photovoltaics, S. H. Liu, S. H. Lin, P. You, C. Surya, S. P. Lau*, F. Yan*, Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 56, 13717-13721 (2017).

14.    Ultrasensitive Broadband Phototransistors Based on Perovskite/Organic-Semiconductor Vertical Heterojunctions, C Xie, P You, Z Liu, L Li, F Yan* Light: Science & Applications 6, e17023 (2017).

15.    Photodetectors based on two-dimensional layered materials beyond graphene, Chao Xie, Chunhin Mak, Xiaoming Tao, Feng Yan*, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27 (19), 1603886 (2017).

16.    Efficient and stable perovskite solar cells prepared in ambient air irrespective of the humidity, Q. D. Tai, P. You, H. Q. Sang, Z. K. Liu, C. L. Hu, H. L.W. Chan and Feng Yan*, Nature Comm. 7, 11105 (2016).

17.    Au/Ag Core-Shell Nanocuboids for High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells with Broadband Plasmonic Enhancement, Shenghua Liu, Ruibin Jiang, Peng You, Xingzhong Zhu, Jianfang Wang, and Feng Yan*, Energy Environ. Sci. 9, 898-905 (2016).

18.    Flexible Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Highly Selective Enzyme Biosensors and Used for Saliva Testing, Caizhi Liao, Chunhin Mak, Meng Zhang, Helen L.W. Chan and Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 27, 676-681 (2015).

19.    Flexible Organic Electronics in Biology: Materials and Devices, Caizhi Liao, Meng Zhang, Mei Yu Yao, Tao Hua, Li Li, Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 27, 7493-7527 (2015). (Most Accessed in 11/2014 & 1/2016 in Adv. Mater.)

20.    Efficient Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells with Graphene Electrodes, Peng You, Zhike Liu, Qidong Tai, Shenghua Liu, Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 27, 3632-3638 (2015). (Most Accessed in 6/2015 in Adv. Mater.)

21.    Enhanced Efficiency in Polymer Solar Cells by Adding a High-Mobility Conjugated Polymer, S. H. Liu, P. You, J. H. Li, J. Li, C. S. Lee, B. S Ong, C. Surya and Feng Yan*, Energy Environ. Sci. 8, 1463-1470 (2015). (Most Read Articles in 3/2015 in EES)

22.    Functionalized Graphene and Other Two-Dimensional Materials for Photovoltaic Devices: Device Design and Processing, Zhike Liu, Shu-Ping Lau and Feng Yan*, Chem Soc. Rev. 44, 5638-5679 (2015)

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26.    Package-free flexible organic solar cells with graphene top electrodes, Zhike Liu, Jinhua Li, and Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 25, 4296-4301 (2013).

27.    Solution-gated graphene field effect transistors integrated in microfluidic systems and used for flow velocity detection, Rong Xiang He, Peng Lin, Zhi Ke Liu, Hong Wei Zhu, Xing Zhong Zhao, Helen L. W. Chan, and Feng Yan*, Nano Lett. 12, 1404-1409 (2012) .

28.    Organic thin film transistors for chemical and biological sensing, Peng Lin and Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 24, 34-51 (2012).

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31.    The application of highly doped single-layer graphene as the top electrodes of semitransparent organic solar cells, Zhike Liu, Jinhua Li, Zhenhua Sun, Guoan Tai, Shu Ping Lau and Feng Yan*, ACS Nano 6, 810-818 (2012).

32.    Organic electrochemical transistors integrated in flexible microfluidic systems and used for label-free DNA sensing, Peng Lin, Xiaoteng Luo, I-Ming Hsing and Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 23, 4035-4040 (2011).

33.    Enhancement of Hole Mobility of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Induced by Titania Nanorods in Composite Films, Zhenhua Sun, Jinhua Li, Chenming Liu, Shihe Yang and Feng Yan*, Adv. Mater. 23, 3648-3652 (2011).

34.    Highly sensitive glucose biosensors based on organic electrochemical transistors using platinum gate electrodes modified with enzyme and nanomaterials, Hao Tang, Feng Yan*, Peng Lin, Jianbin Xu and Helen L.W. Chan, Adv. Funct. Mater. 21, 2264-2272 (2011).

35.    The application of organic electrochemical transistors in cell-based biosensors, Peng Lin, Feng Yan*, Jinjiang Yu, Helen L. W. Chan, and Mo Yang, Adv. Mater, 22, 3655-3660 (2010).


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