Dr. ZHANG, Xuming

B.Eng., University of Science & Technology of China (USTC), CHINA

M.Eng., Shanghai Institute of Optics &Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

M.Eng., National University of Singapore (NUS), SINGAPORE

Ph.D.,  Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE


Associate Professor

Department of Applied Physics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Tel. :  (852) 3400 3258
Fax.:  (852) 2333 7629
Email: apzhang@polyu.edu.hk
My Web Page: http://ap.polyu.edu.hk/apzhang


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Video demo: Trap two droplets

Teaching Duties

     AP20015 Physics in Radiological Science (Sem1)

     AP50001 Radiation Physics (Sem1)

     AP30010 Radiation Physics (Sem2)

     AP40004 Final-year projects (coordinator, full year)  

Research Interests

     Optofluidic devices and systems

     Photocatalysis, artificial photosynthesis

    Water purification, microfluidic reactors


     Micro-optics and nano-photonics


Recent Research Results

Plasmonic enhancement using Au nanohole array

Plasmon-induced hot carriers have recently attracted considerable interest, but the energy efficiency in visible light is often low due to the short lifetime of hot carriers and the limited optical absorption of plasmonic architectures. To increase the generation of hot carriers, we propose to exert multiple plasmonic resonant modes and their strong coupling using a metal–dielectric–metal (MDM) nanocavity that comprises an Au nanohole array (AuNHA), a TiO2 thin film and an Au reflector. Unlike common MDM structures with only the Fabry-Pérot mode in the dielectric layer, AuNHA as the top layer is special because it excites the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) mode in the Au nanoholes and launches the gap surface plasmon polariton (GSPP) mode in the Au reflector surface. The spatial field overlapping of the three resonance modes enables strong mode coupling by optimizing the TiO2 thickness, which leads to notably enhanced average IPCE (1.5%) and broadband photocurrent (170 μcm2). This MDM structure would be useful for photochemistry and photovoltaics using sunlight.

Nanoscale 13(5), 2731-3310, 2021. (Inside front cover)






Photocatalytic ozonation for sea water decontamination

Polluted seawater is difficult to treat due to salt ions. Here photocatalytic ozonation is found highly efficient since the dissolved O3 molecules rapidly scavenge photoexcited electrons, resulting in the synergistic effect of photocatalysis and ozonation.

Journal of Water Processing Engineering 37, 101501, 2020.







Aberration-free aspherical in-plane tunable liquid lenses by regulating local curvatures

Aberration is a long-standing problem of focal lenses. This paper reports an in-plane optofluidic lens that compensates the spherical aberration during the tuning of focal length. Experiments using a silicone oil obtain the tuning of focal length over 500–1400 mm and a longitudinal spherical aberration (LSA) of 3.5 mm, only 1/24 of the LSA (85 mm) of the spherical lens. Fine adjustment of applied voltages allows the elimination of LSA to obtain the aberration-free tunable lenses. It is the first time that local curvature regulation is used to compensate for the aberration within one in-plane liquid lens.

Lab on a Chip 20(5), 31 Jan 2020.

Video demo of aberration control.



Microfluidic immobilized enzyme reactors for continuous biocatalysis (long review, front cover)

c9re00217k_front_smallThe use of microfluidic immobilized enzyme reactors (μ-IMERs) offers several advantages over traditional technologies in performing biocatalytic reactions, such as low energy consumption, rapid heat exchange, fast mass transfer, high efficiency and superior repeatability. In this review, the strategies of employing μ-IMERs for continuous biocatalysis will be investigated by a top-down approach.

Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 5(1), 01 Jan 2020 (Front cover)




Microfluidic reactors for continuous artificial synthesis of glucose precursor

Featured IMG_1副本1Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (RuBisCO) is a difficult enzyme to work with. Here, the authors covalently immobilized it in a microfluidic reactor to enhance its storage/thermal stabilities and reusability, which enabled the continuous artificial synthesis of glucose precursor.

Nature Communications 10(4049), 06 September 2019.




Tunable lenses with dual air/liquid interfaces

Fig.4 In-plane tunable liquid lenses are formed by using two air/liquid interfaces, whose curvatures are actuated by dielectrophoresis force and tuned symmetrically or asymmetrically for biconcave to biconvex.

Lab on a Chip 18(24), 3849 – 3854, 2018.

Video demo of symmetric tuning.

Video demo of asymmetric tuning.



Plasmonic black absorbers

2017 AdOM_Plasmonic absorber_Back Cover         

TiO2-covered rough Au film is used as a plasmonic black absorber to drastically enhance the photocurrent in sunlight.

Advanced Optical Materials 5(1) 1600399, 2017 (back cover)






Laser shapes the light beam in liquid

Inside back coverLaser irradiation creates a thermal gradient and thus a graded lens in the liquid medium, which enables to converge or diverge the light beam in the liquid in an agile, no contact, remote manner.

Lab on a Chip 16(1) 104 – 111, 2016 (inside back cover)

Video demo of tunable thermal lens.



Digital ultrafine optical comb

上海初稿6a1 copy

Ultrafine optical frequency comb of with 1.46-MHz spacing is generated by digital modulation. It enhances the resolution and speed of  spectral measurement by > 100 times.

Light: Science& Applications 4, e300, 2015.







Clam inspires the use of adhesive tape in biochips

Clams capture phytoplankton particles in water using mucus (i.e., sticky fluid). This inspires to use common adhesive tape as the substrate of biochip to immobilize microparticles.

Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 222, 106 – 111, 2015.






Book Chapters

1.          Ning Wang and Xuming Zhang, “Chapter 16. Microfluidic Photocatalysis”, in Optical MEMS, nanophotonics, and their applications, ed. Guangya Zhou and Chengkuo Lee, Taylor and Francis, 2017.

2.          X. M. Zhang, Photonic MEMS devices – design, fabrication and control, Ch. 5-8, ed. A. Q. Liu, Taylor-Francis, 2008.

Journal Publications (selected)


1.          Yat Lam Wong, Huaping Jia, Aoqun Jian, Dangyuan Lei*, Abdel I. El Abed, and Xuming Zhang*, Enhancing plasmonic hot-carrier generation by strong coupling of multiple resonant modes, Nanoscale, vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 2731-3310, 7 February 2021. (Inside front cover) DOI: 10.1039/D0NR07643K


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Honors and Awards

1.     Best Paper Award, IMCO2019 conference, 14 – 17 June 2019, Hong Kong.

2.     Best Poster Paper Award, IMCO2019 conference, 14 – 17 June 2019, Hong Kong.

3.     Second prize, The 11th National College Students' Energy-saving and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Technology Competition, Ministry of Education, China.

4.     Innovation Award, IOO Foundation and IMCO2018 conference.

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9.     2011, Best Paper Award, Optofluidics 2011 conference, 11 - 13 Dec 2011, Xi'an, China.

10.  2006, IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards, Singapore.

11.  2006, Chinese State Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad, Ministry of Education of China.

12.  2005, Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) Postdoctoral Fellow.

13.  2005, Young Inventor Awards, Asian Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong.

14.  2005, Gold Prize in CoE Technology Exhibition, Singapore.

15.  2003, Gold Prize in CoE Technology Exhibition, Singapore.


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