Optical Design

The aims of this subject are to provide up-to-date treatment of the optical design at an introductory level.  The scope of this subject is aimed in the field of geometrical optics and optical instrumentation.

Reference Books:

        The Art and Science of Optical Design, R.R.Shannon, Cambridge University Press, 1997

        Optical System Design, R.E.Fischer & B.T.-Galeb, McGraw-Hill, 2008

        Modern Optical Engineering, W.Smith, McGraw-Hill, 2008

        Introduction to Lens Design: with Practical ZEMAX Examples, J.Geary, Willmann-Bell,

        Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design, G.H.Smith, Willmann-Bell

Software Used: ZEMAX-SE or ZEMAX-EE


       Paraxial optics; Ray tracing; Lens system, Physical optics, Optical materials.

       First-order aberrations, Third-order aberrations, Chromatic aberrations, Image quality measures, Optical transfer function (OTF), OTF computation.

       Merit function, Optical design procedures, Lens design optimization, Tolerance analysis.

       Radiation, Color and Color Rendering, Practical light sources and laws of illumination, Interior and exterior illumination designs, Methods for calculating illumination.

       Mini-projects on the design and optimization of singlet/doublet, spectrometer, beam expander, double Gauss camera lenses, Newtonian telescope, Maksutov telescope, zoom lens, and chromatic prism.

Lecture Notes will be available soon.....